Pro Bono Representation Training Videos

The Federal Bar Association of the Western District of Washington is committed to educating attorneys to empower them to serve in a pro bono capacity. We can only offer Washington State Continuing Legal Education credits to those who attend our webinars live because we are required to report attendance for such courses no later than 30 days after the webinar. Current Pro Bono Panel volunteers, however, are strongly encouraged to review these videos, as is anyone interested in volunteering for the Panel. Volunteers for the Pro Bono Panel often represent individuals bringing employment claims, including for discriminatory civil rights violations. The Panel attorneys also often assists litigants who are bringing claims  against the police, prisons, and jails for civil rights violations. Two of the CLEs below address how to approach and manage these commonly asserted claims. Also offered below is a CLE regarding the basics of approaching a pro bono case in the Western District of Washington. In each CLE, you will hear from experienced practitioners, gain cultural competency around assisting individuals who may have mental health challenges and other unique issues, and learn about opportunities to provide pro bono service.

1.     Nuts and Bolts of Taking a Pro Bono Case in the Western District of Washington

2.     Pro Bono Civil Rights Representation: Actions Against Police, Prisons, and Jails

3.     Pro Bono Civil Rights Representation: Basics of Addressing Employment Law Claims in Federal Court